Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Looking for an agent.

I am playing around with Virtual Assistants and so have set them the task of trying to find potential agents for me. No idea if anything will come of it…
Rufus Evison

Friday, 8 October 2010

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A common culture gap in business

This week I wrote about the culture gap between technical people and non-technical people. I have seen things in my business life that show what not understanding the differences in these cultures can do to business success and here I have written about them.

My blog for small businesses is doing well and I am writing it reliably.

Rufus Evison

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Getting funding and growing a company

So far everything points to success. A blog post is going out each week, regular as clockwork. I have started a topic on the sizes of companies. The series will contain (but not be limited to):
+ Is yours a small company or a large business?
+ Scalable businesses versus lifestyle companies.
+ Specializations versus doing it all.
+ My personal definition of a big company and a couple of thoughts on how to avoid the traps some large companies fall into.

I have also done a quick piece on getting funding and one of the many pitfalls to avoid.

The process around getting blog posts out the door seems to be working!

Rufus Evison

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mission statements, company culture and automation of process

So far every blog article has gone out right on schedule.

Article one set a schedule for the month of June and we appear to be going to hit it dead centre.

Article two talked about how to stop a mission statement being the usual irrelevant rubbish and turn it into a useful tool to help align the beliefs of the company with the actions it takes. There is so much fuzzy meaningless stuff written on company culture that I was tempted to avoid the area all together. Instead I have written the bits that i have found to be actually useful over the many many startups i have been involved in and have actually managed to get incorporated into some of the ten to twenty where I have been involved in the execution.

Article three was all about the automation of process to save resources.

So what next? According to the schedule it will be something about the reletive merits of big and small companies. Watch this space…

Rufus Evison

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Build a website

I guess that the website I am building for new businesses could be considered part of my experiment in online branding. It is not as it is really much more about promoting innovation by helping entrepreneurs and investors but it could be. The reason I say that is that it contains a blog for start up companies that I am putting articles on. As each article is likely to contain a signature (so as to differentiate the authors when other start up experts are invited to contribute) it will impact my personal branding. As such I am trying out making the link on the word Rufus and making it on my whole name of Rufus Evison.

Given the number of people called Rufus in the world and the number who are superstars like Rufus Wainright and Rufus Sewell I think the former is unlikely to have much effect. That said as there is only one Rufus Evison, as far as I am aware, it should not be hard to move up the ranks for a search on “Rufus Evison”, so it is not so much of a challenge.

I will be interested to see if it ever makes it up the ranks for Rufus as a word on its own. That would be gratifying in a beautifully pointless sort of way.

Rufus Evison (and this one is not a link at all!)

Time to get started.

I have bought the domain for start up companies ( that I am I am going to start writing this under. I have set up an installation of Wordpress to use for writing the blog. I have commited myself by publishing an initial schedule of the first four start up articles that I shall publish. Now all that remains ot be seen is whether I shall keep to my commitment.

I am pretty confident as I have always done what I say I will do and keeping my word is important to me. So why have i not written more before? Because I have shied away from committing without a real purpose to commit to. Now I feel I have a purpose I suspect this should be fairly straight forward. The only real question is when I will feel I have fulfilled the purpose and am so free to lapse. I am thinking that having written for a year would count as success. I am also thinking that having created enough to try and get a book published would do.

Are there any mroe likely end points?

Who knows, we shall see…
Rufus Evison