Thursday, 13 December 2007

Define Retail Media

I have been tasked with various things around retail media but have yet to find a complete, consistent and widely accepted definition of what the retail media are. That being the case I would like to create such a definition. I have made an attempt at doing a generic definition here: Retail Media. The problem with this is that while it is not contentious it is not complete. So I have also started to try and create a list of retail media. My goal is that this evolve to the point where it contains all media considered to be part of the retail media space and none that are generally considered outside of that area. Whether it will do this by picking up on what is already thought of as retail media or refining and creating the public perception is neither here nor there. In either case we will have a full definition of what the retail media are and this goal will be fulfilled.

What I need is some sort of measure to see when this is complete. I have a few formative thought but suggestions are welcome.

Rufus Evison

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Retail Media Group

As if I didn’t already have enough to do I have accepted a request to add to my blogging. I am now working for the experts in Retail Media and have therefore acquired a certain small level of knowledge in the space. I have therefore been asked to add retail media to my off line networking interests (TEN, etc.).
I am starting a group for networking about Electronic and Retail Media (ERM) and so am beginning a blog to help me gather expertise before I start looking towards invitations.

Any suggestions for relevant people to highlight on the blog or to invite to the offline group will be gratefully received.

Rufus Evison

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The honeymoon is over

The honeymoon may be over but the marriage seems to be a good one. Sure it is a large company and there are a few places where that shows, but less than there might be. Sure not absolutely everyone there is perfect, but there are more intelligent people per square foot than you might believe. I am getting to do interesting things with good people to good purpose. I am helping build customer loyalty without trying anything black hat. More to the point I am helping define customer loyalty in a privacy friendly way. I cannot ask for more.

I asked for integrity, intelligence and interest. I have found them. I am content.

Rufus Evison

P.S. to aid my attempt to understand the search engine optimisation space I am going to include a link about a key concept for my new company: Customer loyalty.

Ten the Techie Entrepreneurial Networking event and the birth of ERM.

Many of you will already be aware of TEN, but for those who are not here is a brief summary:

A broad spectrum of entrepreneurs with a technical bias are invited to come and meet informally. The hope is that out of these talks will come ideas that might develop into something good. A few relevant people from other areas (finance, recruitment, start-up consultancy and so forth are also intived. Typically it is a fairly technical crowd with only around 5% non-technical entrepreneurs. It is generally sponsored so that food and drink are provided free. So far no charge has been made for attending (which has come as a surprise to those who have tried to pay me).

We (well I really) are (am) starting to investigate having pre-networking talks. The first of these was Simon Wardley presenting on the commoditisation of the internet. his talk was amusing, compelling and hugely well presented. This has made the selection of the next talk much harder.

The whole thing started as a joint good idea between myself and John Woods (of Site Intelligence and Synature fame). It now works with me sending out invitations until the weekend before and then opening the event to the public on Each session I try to dragoon someone new into being responsible for some of the invites so that we get some new blood in without diluting the atmosphere. I am determined that this should not turn into a business card exchange fest with no real thought.

I am now looking at expanding the networking event theme. I have been asked, on the back of the success of the relationships promoted through TEN to look at the Retail Media space. I am therefore considering an event for Electronic and Retail Media (ERM).

Does anyone reading this either:

A) Want to volunteer to arrange some invites for TEN


B) want to suggest some famous people in the Media Space to help innaugarate ERM?

On (A) I am hoping that we might at some point get some techie entrepreneurs who are still affiliated with one or more universities as so far we mainly have old hands with lots of experience. For (B) it is more a list of people who are well known in the space whom I mightapproach as a first step.

The Next TEN will probably be a Wednesday in January, so suggestions for convenient dates will be gratefully accepted.

Rufus Evison

P.S. While I am on here I am going to plug my 43 things entry on Customer Loyalty at least in part to see if I can push it up the search engine ratings.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Customer Loyalty

I seem to have more loyal customers on my blog than it deserves. I am going to strat another group, begining with another blog. The new blog will be about the people who try to create customer loyalty. The stars of retail and electronic media.

The reason? Simple. TEN has proved to be a great success and so I have been asked to create another such group for Retail Media. I do not know enough about retail media to automatically be able to bring in big names. What I need to do is understand who is whom in retail media and who the experts on customer loyalty are.

Once I begine to understand the landscape I can start to invite the people. I do know a lot of people who are experts in electronic media. Combining the two will bring advantages to both and allow me to ensure a good and interesting mix.

On a comletely different subject relating to customer loyalty I have just had it pointed out to me that the company for whom I am now working, are experts in customer loyalty and yet do not show up on the search engines. I wonder whether it is worth me doing another attempt at SEO to push them up the ladder for the term. Or at least to get a Blog entry of mine up and link to them from there.

I am still debating this, but may well try to put something of mine up as a page on customer loyalty with a link to their site while I am over here in Cincinnati.

More on this later.
Rufus “customer loyalty” Evison

Friday, 9 November 2007

Reasoned rants

I do not maintain my blog in the way that I should. I have a backlog of things people have asked me to write and yet I let weeks go by without anything going up. Part of my problem is that I do not get many comments. To be fair that is in part because I do not have many regular readers. That in turn is at least in part because I do not blog regularly. Catch 22 for the reasoning blogger. The answer is simple. Blog more. Does anyone out there have anything in particular they would like me to write reasoned articles about? I go back to the original research, find out the truth and write from a fairly solid perspective. Where something is just my opinion I generally say so. I have posted a list of likely things to blog about so let me know if there is something you think I should write…

Rufus Evison

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Link Bait

My blog is now being scraped and used as link bait. I do not know if this is a compliment or not, but it shows the difference in visibility on myt blog since I started looking at this. My reputation monitor (on showed up a couple of blogs mentioning me. They were both named after celebrities. On closer inspection they were blogs being automatically created by scraping sites and they both automatically forwarded to a dating site. they had come accross my site, stolen the content and were using it to trap unwary people doing searches unrelated to dating. They then get paid per click for the useless traffic they are sending on to the dating site.

Monday, 22 October 2007

To relieve the pressure?

There is little question that while you are breast feeding (if you decide to breast feed) then some of your immunity to sniffles and so forth is passed on to the child. So there is a benefit in terms of the parent not having to deal with and worry about sniffles.

The question is whether, in countries with good hygiene and decent food, there is a significant difference to the child, whether in terms of survival or in terms of freedom from disabilities and serious disease.

A huge amount of pressure is put on educated and well off people to breast feed. The NCT classes imply that doing anything else is not normal. The breast feeding counsellors imply it is close to negligence. There is a government directive to support breast feeding and even the milk formula companies have to carry notices recommending it.

My observations suggest that those with less money or less education are not exposed to nearly as much of this propaganda. This may not be true, and the pressure may be on everyone. Certainly some or all women are made to feel as if not breast feeding is a failure to be a good mother.

Given my anecdotal experience it looks as if this pressure is unjustified. I have been asked to find out by one mother whether this is the case.

A preliminary search has turned up an epidemiological study from 2004 which suggests there is a relationship between SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and bottle feeding. After my previous experience with the SIDS research this will need a lot of careful examination.

Almost all SIDS related behaviours are tied to lower socio-economic or socio-demographic status. Where this is the case an epidemiological study must by its nature pick up a lot of potentially false signs. At least one government/FSIDs recommendation is not supported by their research, but seems like a good recommendation to make anyway. So the question comes down to is this pressure unjustified, and if so should we take the pressure off the mums?

Monday, 8 October 2007


This is another frivolous entry caused by the search optimisation goal I have on 43 things ( This one is caused originally by me mentioning that I came up quite a bit if you searched for rufus web analytics on google. I said this was in part because Rufus was an unusual name and so it skewed the probabilities with respect to search. This was followed by Andy G saying that he would search on rufus sexgod and see if I came up. I said I doubted I would but didn’t think it was a hugely popular term so it might be possible to change that with a lot of work. I should never have said that. He has taken is as saying I might try to do the work to move “rufus sexgod” up in the rankings. I will clearly not do that level of work, but I feel the least I can do is put a page with the term “rufus sexgod” in on the web somewhere. My frivolous blog seems the sensible and safe place to put the term Rufus Sexgod, so here it is.

Rufus Rufus Sexgod

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Is the industry beginning to notice this is missing?

Online ad spend grew 26.8 percent, during the first half of 2007 over the same in 2006 according to Randall Rothenberg at the IAB conference in New York on the 24th. Apparently this takes spending over $10 Billion for the half year. This compares with the 37% growth that led to the figure of 7.9 billion the year before. Effectively what this is saying is that online ad-spend is growing fast, but not as fast as it has been. The advantages are still as clear, Internet use is growing, TV and newspaper use is shrinking.

What is missing, it seems to me, is the evaluation piece. We have not yet reached saturation for the market without evidence, but this could be the first sign that it is in sight. What this means is that I need to create the possibility of proper evaluation of online advertising in time to be useful in countering this slow down.

Rufus Evison

Monday, 1 October 2007

The Test Article About Rufus Wainwright, Rufus Sewell, Etc...

This is the article I posted in the frivolous blog, cross posted here to test the effect.

What’s in a name?

I decided, for fairly frivolous reasons, to google Rufus and see what I got. I was expecting to see more of Rufus and Chaka Khan than I did. Clearly I am out of date. It was all Rufus Wainwright this, and Rufus Wainwright that. If I were after Rufus Wainwright MP3s I would have found them in an instant (or more likely an enticement to sign up for spam disguised as an offer of free MP3 tracks).

Rufus Sewell got a look in, as did Rufus King, Rufus Thomas, Rufus W Johnson, Rufus Stokes, Rufus Zyrtec (with a cool name like that you will get found on the web) and finally Rufus Shinra. Sadly no Rufus Evison (well not in the pages I bothered to go through. I guess in a way this is good news. I am not famous. I do not want to be famous. Even as a child I wanted to be rich and respected not rich and famous. I like to think that in my field, (web guru/web analytics/Internet stuff) I am fairly well respected, so I am happy.

Finally, hallelujah, something about Rufus the name. A link called Definition of Rufus. It was not actually a real page, just a broken link, but it was not about Rufus Wainwright! This gave me more satisfaction than I care to admit.

Interestingly enough I did see that a web design house in Sunderland owns which I had considered buying years ago before going for my surname instead. If they felt like selling it I would actually be interested, but I cannot see a company called Rufus selling a domwin name like that, even if they do not seem very good at Search Engine Optimisation (page 9?!?).

So, this article is perhaps of interest to anyone called Rufus themselves, but why would I bother putting it in a blog? Even a frivolous blog does not need so many examples from a google search. The answer is that I am doing an experiment in online branding (see This is part of why I am interested, but not the whole story. The rest is I am interested to see what affect putting all these Rufus references have on a page. It might even turn up on the search engines…

Rufus Evison

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Rufus Evison, Not Rufus Wainwright!

As an Experiment I have added a page to my Frivolous Blog about googling Rufus. Putting it in here and cross posting will make Google notice it faster, so I will see what happens…

Rufus Evison

Search Engine Optimisation

Even though I have left out all the tricks of the trade that involve work my blog has crept up to entries 13 and 14 if you google Rufus Evison (no quotes required). This surprises me as there is so much I could do to make the page search engine friendly and to get it more noticed.

Before I started this I could not find the blog even when I googled “Rufus Evison” together with unusual words that were in the blog. It has moved from being invisible to being on my first page with very little work. Admittedly I have a distinctive name so I am not competing against anything, but even so it should have taken at least a little more work.

If things progress this well in future I will find a harder search term (still relevant to me as I believe that good rankings require content that deserve them and try taking the blog up on that.

Suggestions for a term that described me in terms of my work or how I should be viewed on the web would be most welcome. Tell me how I would benefit from being viewed and if I agree I may try to arrange the web to fit {Grin}.

Rufus Evison

Monday, 17 September 2007

What does it take to make people see a blog?

When I posted this goal I had exactly one person who looked at my (previously pratically untouched) blog. Since then, just by keeping the blog at the front of my mind it has gained a few views. Next I will be restructuring my ‘blog space’ to take into account the few comments I have had. This will involve separating my rants from my reasoning as the posts as they are seem a bit too long and rambling. Also, though not through suggestions, I will link a blog from the goals on 43 things as well as dividing off a few blogs by theme. This will mean that posts to the whole will be at whatever rate but some blogs will be fairly neglected. That said it should mean that they are more targetted and that measurement of what people like is easier.

Suggestions welcome.

Rufus Evison

Online is easy

Anyone should be able to measure the utility of online advertising in terms of whether it provides sales online. This should be fairly easy whether we are talking about immediate sales uplift or life time value.

Real measuring is harder. A real method has to include short term uplift and logterm loyalty and lifetime value. It should also include online shopping, and off line purchases.

All of the above seem do-able and are what I mean by this goal. What would be even better, but I am not including (as it would be a bit big brother as well as likely not possible) would be to track how the online branding has affected purchase uplift through recommendations and the like. Purchases that would not have taken place without the banners/virals/whatever but are not made by the peraon who saw the creative.