Sunday, 30 September 2007

Search Engine Optimisation

Even though I have left out all the tricks of the trade that involve work my blog has crept up to entries 13 and 14 if you google Rufus Evison (no quotes required). This surprises me as there is so much I could do to make the page search engine friendly and to get it more noticed.

Before I started this I could not find the blog even when I googled “Rufus Evison” together with unusual words that were in the blog. It has moved from being invisible to being on my first page with very little work. Admittedly I have a distinctive name so I am not competing against anything, but even so it should have taken at least a little more work.

If things progress this well in future I will find a harder search term (still relevant to me as I believe that good rankings require content that deserve them and try taking the blog up on that.

Suggestions for a term that described me in terms of my work or how I should be viewed on the web would be most welcome. Tell me how I would benefit from being viewed and if I agree I may try to arrange the web to fit {Grin}.

Rufus Evison

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