Monday, 17 September 2007

What does it take to make people see a blog?

When I posted this goal I had exactly one person who looked at my (previously pratically untouched) blog. Since then, just by keeping the blog at the front of my mind it has gained a few views. Next I will be restructuring my ‘blog space’ to take into account the few comments I have had. This will involve separating my rants from my reasoning as the posts as they are seem a bit too long and rambling. Also, though not through suggestions, I will link a blog from the goals on 43 things as well as dividing off a few blogs by theme. This will mean that posts to the whole will be at whatever rate but some blogs will be fairly neglected. That said it should mean that they are more targetted and that measurement of what people like is easier.

Suggestions welcome.

Rufus Evison

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