Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Is the industry beginning to notice this is missing?

Online ad spend grew 26.8 percent, during the first half of 2007 over the same in 2006 according to Randall Rothenberg at the IAB conference in New York on the 24th. Apparently this takes spending over $10 Billion for the half year. This compares with the 37% growth that led to the figure of 7.9 billion the year before. Effectively what this is saying is that online ad-spend is growing fast, but not as fast as it has been. The advantages are still as clear, Internet use is growing, TV and newspaper use is shrinking.

What is missing, it seems to me, is the evaluation piece. We have not yet reached saturation for the market without evidence, but this could be the first sign that it is in sight. What this means is that I need to create the possibility of proper evaluation of online advertising in time to be useful in countering this slow down.

Rufus Evison

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