Monday, 26 November 2007

Customer Loyalty

I seem to have more loyal customers on my blog than it deserves. I am going to strat another group, begining with another blog. The new blog will be about the people who try to create customer loyalty. The stars of retail and electronic media.

The reason? Simple. TEN has proved to be a great success and so I have been asked to create another such group for Retail Media. I do not know enough about retail media to automatically be able to bring in big names. What I need to do is understand who is whom in retail media and who the experts on customer loyalty are.

Once I begine to understand the landscape I can start to invite the people. I do know a lot of people who are experts in electronic media. Combining the two will bring advantages to both and allow me to ensure a good and interesting mix.

On a comletely different subject relating to customer loyalty I have just had it pointed out to me that the company for whom I am now working, are experts in customer loyalty and yet do not show up on the search engines. I wonder whether it is worth me doing another attempt at SEO to push them up the ladder for the term. Or at least to get a Blog entry of mine up and link to them from there.

I am still debating this, but may well try to put something of mine up as a page on customer loyalty with a link to their site while I am over here in Cincinnati.

More on this later.
Rufus “customer loyalty” Evison

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