Friday, 9 November 2007

Reasoned rants

I do not maintain my blog in the way that I should. I have a backlog of things people have asked me to write and yet I let weeks go by without anything going up. Part of my problem is that I do not get many comments. To be fair that is in part because I do not have many regular readers. That in turn is at least in part because I do not blog regularly. Catch 22 for the reasoning blogger. The answer is simple. Blog more. Does anyone out there have anything in particular they would like me to write reasoned articles about? I go back to the original research, find out the truth and write from a fairly solid perspective. Where something is just my opinion I generally say so. I have posted a list of likely things to blog about so let me know if there is something you think I should write…

Rufus Evison

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Jay said...

Oh, have a comment then :) I've only just found your blog - then again, after my experiences in the web industry, I'm deliberately a bit of a luddite when it comes to web technologies.