Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ten the Techie Entrepreneurial Networking event and the birth of ERM.

Many of you will already be aware of TEN, but for those who are not here is a brief summary:

A broad spectrum of entrepreneurs with a technical bias are invited to come and meet informally. The hope is that out of these talks will come ideas that might develop into something good. A few relevant people from other areas (finance, recruitment, start-up consultancy and so forth are also intived. Typically it is a fairly technical crowd with only around 5% non-technical entrepreneurs. It is generally sponsored so that food and drink are provided free. So far no charge has been made for attending (which has come as a surprise to those who have tried to pay me).

We (well I really) are (am) starting to investigate having pre-networking talks. The first of these was Simon Wardley presenting on the commoditisation of the internet. his talk was amusing, compelling and hugely well presented. This has made the selection of the next talk much harder.

The whole thing started as a joint good idea between myself and John Woods (of Site Intelligence and Synature fame). It now works with me sending out invitations until the weekend before and then opening the event to the public on upcoming.org. Each session I try to dragoon someone new into being responsible for some of the invites so that we get some new blood in without diluting the atmosphere. I am determined that this should not turn into a business card exchange fest with no real thought.

I am now looking at expanding the networking event theme. I have been asked, on the back of the success of the relationships promoted through TEN to look at the Retail Media space. I am therefore considering an event for Electronic and Retail Media (ERM).

Does anyone reading this either:

A) Want to volunteer to arrange some invites for TEN


B) want to suggest some famous people in the Media Space to help innaugarate ERM?

On (A) I am hoping that we might at some point get some techie entrepreneurs who are still affiliated with one or more universities as so far we mainly have old hands with lots of experience. For (B) it is more a list of people who are well known in the space whom I mightapproach as a first step.

The Next TEN will probably be a Wednesday in January, so suggestions for convenient dates will be gratefully accepted.

Rufus Evison

P.S. While I am on here I am going to plug my 43 things entry on Customer Loyalty at least in part to see if I can push it up the search engine ratings.

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