Thursday, 13 December 2007

Define Retail Media

I have been tasked with various things around retail media but have yet to find a complete, consistent and widely accepted definition of what the retail media are. That being the case I would like to create such a definition. I have made an attempt at doing a generic definition here: Retail Media. The problem with this is that while it is not contentious it is not complete. So I have also started to try and create a list of retail media. My goal is that this evolve to the point where it contains all media considered to be part of the retail media space and none that are generally considered outside of that area. Whether it will do this by picking up on what is already thought of as retail media or refining and creating the public perception is neither here nor there. In either case we will have a full definition of what the retail media are and this goal will be fulfilled.

What I need is some sort of measure to see when this is complete. I have a few formative thought but suggestions are welcome.

Rufus Evison

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