Thursday, 18 December 2008

Start up companies

With encouragement from Emma Drew I am pushing ahead with writing a set of handbooks for start up entrepreneurs. This would consist of four or five small handbooks which could later be bundled together into one compendium volume.

The expected titles will be along the following lines:

Seeds of an idea

A seed contains the full definition of a plant even though the environment determines exactly how it grows. A company without a similar depth of vision will wither and die.

Growing pains

Companies grow away from the values that made them successful in the first place. Why does this happen and how can you stop it? There are issues around size, culture and communications. Each level of delegation has its own effects. If you understand potential problems you are better placed to avoid them.

Getting funding

You need to decide whether you really need money and if so what is the best way to get it. For example if a VC gives you funding they will want a third of your company, but they will never admit that is the way it works. If you are going for VC money you need to know how to maximise the money in and minimise the equity out. I will talk about how to decide if you need money and what options are available.

Cutting loose

The difference between a lifestyle company and a scalable business is whether it can think for itself. If you want business success you need to learn to make yourself redundant.

Marketing Measurement

The CMO is said to have the shortest life expectancy on the board. This is because they generally do not have the figures to back up their decisions. There are a variety of hidden problems when measuring marketing. Generally a scientific approach is not taken and huge amounts of money are spent without full justification. If you want to market efficiently then measurement is key.

Currently I have only written around 15,000 words but I will try to have a crack at spending at least some time on this over the holiday.

Rufus Evison

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Another two pages of Written in Crayon

The images on my written in crayon blog stopped working through the blog storage so I have transferred them to our own disks. is now working. I am going from the back towards the front so you will see the end of the book if you look now. That isn’t really a problem given it was qwritten to be dipped into at random pages anyway.

If you fancy a light bit of humorous writing then follow the link to Written in Crayon and let me know what you think. I am going to start monitoring it using Google Analytics soon, so I would be interested to see if anyone does actually come form here {grin}.

Rufus Evison

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Perhaps a business book? (+ more on humour)

I have now posted a few more double page spreads from Written in Crayon which is my humorous collections of excerpts from fictional books. I have also altered the image sizes to make them more readable. It kind of messes up the whole blog layout, but makes the book legible, which mattes more. I would welcome comments on the book bits you can see there as more will follow.

I am also debating writing a book on the pitfalls you can encounter within start up companies as they grow. It is the sort of topic where I have a fair degree of expertise, so I would want to see if a publisher might be interested before I started.

Rufus Evison

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Beyond measurement

I have had a way that will work for a long while and am beginning to get it deplyed. A lot of the delay has been because I do not want this privacy friendly method confused with the Phorm method which is rather more direct.

The step that comes next is to try to segment and target based on proper evaluation in privacy friendly way. The step after that is to see if we can move from buying and selling online display advertising in terms of the media and move it to selling solely in terms of its effectiveness. That is to say if I am measuring the effect, in store and online, of the adv ertising, then that should be what is used to charge. If you are creating a 5% uplift in sales then you get a percentage of that. If the unplift is zero you get a percentage of nothing and so are paid nothing. If the uplift is larger you get more money.

Clearly there will be exceptions to this. If I have a bad product that no one will ever want to buy I am not going to be able to buy advertising on thos basis. Also not eveything is about sales.

Perhaps I am advertising the disadvantages of smoking because I am a government or a charity. That is not going to create additional sales and cannot be charged in this way. Still I am moving towards this goal and will see if there are related goals that arise for different industries.

Rufus Evison

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Do picture blogs count?

I have started publishing one of my books as a blog (Written In Crayon), but for various convoluted reasons I am only doing the entries as pictures of the written word rather than as text. I feel very slightly guilty as this means they are not accessible to the partially sighted or the blind, but as I do not expect anyone reads my blogs anyway (Rufus profile with a list of blogs at the bottom) I doubt it matters too much. That said, if anyone out there would like to help me make them accessible, or even just feels the content is good enough to be worth my making the effort just let me know and w will see what we can do.

Rufus Evison

Friday, 4 July 2008

Smoking: weakness, foolishness or something else?

Having spoken to quite a lot of people I have come to the conclusion that those who smoke now are either weak or foolish. It kills a person, makes them smell bad and makes their skin bad and unatractive. I can think of no utility or reason why it is good except that it feels good to get rid of the cravings for nicotine. Stopping smoking gets rid of those cravings permenanetly, so overall feels even better.

I have a poll running on my (rarely frequented) frivolous blog.

So far every explanation of why someone smokes I have been given falls into one or both of these categories. If you can think of another reason let me know and I will add it to my poll on the frivolous blog.

Rufus Evison

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Carbon footprint and the purpose of the frivolous blog

It seems the purpose of my frivolous blog is being undermined. i am using it as a garbage dump for anything and everything I want to experiment with online as well as for the more relevant things.

I am currently using it as a test for the term Carbon footprint. I am interested in how carbon footprint is used generally and how the search engines see it. I have seen links to more than a doxen carbon footprint calculators and to discussions of the definitions of carbon footprint. the thing that surprises me is that companies talking about their green credentials do not come up at all. are they all ashamed of their carbon footprint? Are they just not interested in it?

Rufus Evison

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

retail media

The retail media blog has now gained its own domain at last!

Rufus Evison

retail media

The retail media blog has now gained its own domain at last!

Rufus Evison

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The story so far

I have now published 6 chapters of my Becoming a Father book in a blog.

Chapter one is the introduction.

Chapter 2 is about the level of commitment involved. This bit involves some information about the costs of having a baby.

Chapter 3 is some explanation of the differences a man can make and how.

Chapter 4 is about Nutrition and its effects on fatherhood and babies.

Chapter 5 is about Sex, it’s timing and effectiveness and how these affect conception and possible gender.

I have also published the reference section which covers a large area. This includes a glossary, a pregnancy timeline and a whole section of things to watch for.

More will be put up as I get the time.

Rufus Evison

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Domain transfer failed

Because the domain was not properly transfered from uk2 the retail media blog went down for three days. According to feedburner this took the subscribers from 73 down to zero. While I am not sure I believe the feedburner stats it has certainly been a significant setback that is going to take some work to recover from. The blog credibility seems to have been quite high as I had heard several positive references to it in conversation. I just hope we can get back on track. Still if a goal were all plain sailing there would be no point…

Rufus Evison

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Retail media can be fun

I am due to change this blog to become any minute now. In the meantime I have put up a page of retail media terms that can be used in the game bs bingo. Anyone with any interest in either retail media or games should have a look.

Rufus Evison

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Reference section

The reference section seems to stand alone quite well and the next chapter needs a fair bit of editing before it can be usefully published. So instead of telling people “it is in the book” I have put the reference section of my book about becoming a father on line out of order.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Becoming a father chapter 4 : Nutrition

A you might expect from the title, chapter 4 of Becoming a Father is all about how a man’s nutrition in the 100 days before conception can affect the chances of becoming the father of a happy healthy baby. Did you know that it is not just the ladies who should make sure they get enough folic acid? Did you know that Zinc really matters? Did you know that some sperm swim in zig-zags? Find out all this an more in the latest thrilling chapter of Becoming a father by Rufus Evison

Becoming a Father Chapter 3, Towards conception

Almost called “From here to Paternity” this chapter of Becoming a Father talks about things a man can do to make a difference.

Did you know that things a man does before conception can:
a) Increase the chances of conception,
b) Improve the chances of a healthy baby
c) Lower the odds of a miscarriage.

There are so many books out there that assume a man cannot make a difference, or even more commonly assume that conception has already taken place. This book explains the reality, based on the real medical research.

Rufus Evison

I have published Becoming a Father Chapter 2

In this chapter I talked about the commitment that having a baby requires from both partners, the kind of costs that can be expected in terms of lifestyle and your relationship as well as the financial costs. Have a look at Becoming a Father chapter two and tell me what you think.


Chapter1 of Becoming a father published

I have published Becoming a father chapter 1 and left it to stew. I will be putting up an entry for each of these, or at least the first four as I feel they deserve celebrating. It is a book about becoming a father from a man’s point of view. It is not about what it feels like to become a father. It is about the practical considerations of Becoming a father. Chapter one is basically about who should read the book, how it should be used and the contents. It also shows a nice scan of my son while he was in the womb, which I am including here.

So there it is, copyright on everything from the image to the text is maintained, but feel free to have a read if you are considering having children.

Becoming a father by Rufus Evison

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

While I am waiting

While I am waiting for some of that copious free time stuff to come along I thought I would start to put a few bits on-line while maintaining copyright. I am going to put my book about becoming a father up because people are using it, so it must be useful and if it is, then it should be made available. Feel free to tell your friends who are considering having children about it.

If I am doing that it makes sense that I should consider putting some of my other books or draft manuscipts up too. I will think about which will work in this format, but welcome comments on what would be worth doing.

In the meantime, as well as hoping for comments on the book about having a baby from a man’s point of view I have a thought about maybe branching out. I am considering havning a go at some literary fiction in my spare moments whilst traveling. I will try lying down somewhere quiet and see if I get over the idea.

Rufus Evison