Wednesday, 27 February 2008

While I am waiting

While I am waiting for some of that copious free time stuff to come along I thought I would start to put a few bits on-line while maintaining copyright. I am going to put my book about becoming a father up because people are using it, so it must be useful and if it is, then it should be made available. Feel free to tell your friends who are considering having children about it.

If I am doing that it makes sense that I should consider putting some of my other books or draft manuscipts up too. I will think about which will work in this format, but welcome comments on what would be worth doing.

In the meantime, as well as hoping for comments on the book about having a baby from a man’s point of view I have a thought about maybe branching out. I am considering havning a go at some literary fiction in my spare moments whilst traveling. I will try lying down somewhere quiet and see if I get over the idea.

Rufus Evison