Thursday, 20 March 2008

Retail media can be fun

I am due to change this blog to become any minute now. In the meantime I have put up a page of retail media terms that can be used in the game bs bingo. Anyone with any interest in either retail media or games should have a look.

Rufus Evison

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Reference section

The reference section seems to stand alone quite well and the next chapter needs a fair bit of editing before it can be usefully published. So instead of telling people “it is in the book” I have put the reference section of my book about becoming a father on line out of order.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Becoming a father chapter 4 : Nutrition

A you might expect from the title, chapter 4 of Becoming a Father is all about how a man’s nutrition in the 100 days before conception can affect the chances of becoming the father of a happy healthy baby. Did you know that it is not just the ladies who should make sure they get enough folic acid? Did you know that Zinc really matters? Did you know that some sperm swim in zig-zags? Find out all this an more in the latest thrilling chapter of Becoming a father by Rufus Evison

Becoming a Father Chapter 3, Towards conception

Almost called “From here to Paternity” this chapter of Becoming a Father talks about things a man can do to make a difference.

Did you know that things a man does before conception can:
a) Increase the chances of conception,
b) Improve the chances of a healthy baby
c) Lower the odds of a miscarriage.

There are so many books out there that assume a man cannot make a difference, or even more commonly assume that conception has already taken place. This book explains the reality, based on the real medical research.

Rufus Evison

I have published Becoming a Father Chapter 2

In this chapter I talked about the commitment that having a baby requires from both partners, the kind of costs that can be expected in terms of lifestyle and your relationship as well as the financial costs. Have a look at Becoming a Father chapter two and tell me what you think.


Chapter1 of Becoming a father published

I have published Becoming a father chapter 1 and left it to stew. I will be putting up an entry for each of these, or at least the first four as I feel they deserve celebrating. It is a book about becoming a father from a man’s point of view. It is not about what it feels like to become a father. It is about the practical considerations of Becoming a father. Chapter one is basically about who should read the book, how it should be used and the contents. It also shows a nice scan of my son while he was in the womb, which I am including here.

So there it is, copyright on everything from the image to the text is maintained, but feel free to have a read if you are considering having children.

Becoming a father by Rufus Evison