Sunday, 27 July 2008

Beyond measurement

I have had a way that will work for a long while and am beginning to get it deplyed. A lot of the delay has been because I do not want this privacy friendly method confused with the Phorm method which is rather more direct.

The step that comes next is to try to segment and target based on proper evaluation in privacy friendly way. The step after that is to see if we can move from buying and selling online display advertising in terms of the media and move it to selling solely in terms of its effectiveness. That is to say if I am measuring the effect, in store and online, of the adv ertising, then that should be what is used to charge. If you are creating a 5% uplift in sales then you get a percentage of that. If the unplift is zero you get a percentage of nothing and so are paid nothing. If the uplift is larger you get more money.

Clearly there will be exceptions to this. If I have a bad product that no one will ever want to buy I am not going to be able to buy advertising on thos basis. Also not eveything is about sales.

Perhaps I am advertising the disadvantages of smoking because I am a government or a charity. That is not going to create additional sales and cannot be charged in this way. Still I am moving towards this goal and will see if there are related goals that arise for different industries.

Rufus Evison

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Do picture blogs count?

I have started publishing one of my books as a blog (Written In Crayon), but for various convoluted reasons I am only doing the entries as pictures of the written word rather than as text. I feel very slightly guilty as this means they are not accessible to the partially sighted or the blind, but as I do not expect anyone reads my blogs anyway (Rufus profile with a list of blogs at the bottom) I doubt it matters too much. That said, if anyone out there would like to help me make them accessible, or even just feels the content is good enough to be worth my making the effort just let me know and w will see what we can do.

Rufus Evison

Friday, 4 July 2008

Smoking: weakness, foolishness or something else?

Having spoken to quite a lot of people I have come to the conclusion that those who smoke now are either weak or foolish. It kills a person, makes them smell bad and makes their skin bad and unatractive. I can think of no utility or reason why it is good except that it feels good to get rid of the cravings for nicotine. Stopping smoking gets rid of those cravings permenanetly, so overall feels even better.

I have a poll running on my (rarely frequented) frivolous blog.

So far every explanation of why someone smokes I have been given falls into one or both of these categories. If you can think of another reason let me know and I will add it to my poll on the frivolous blog.

Rufus Evison