Thursday, 27 May 2010

Time to get started.

I have bought the domain for start up companies ( that I am I am going to start writing this under. I have set up an installation of Wordpress to use for writing the blog. I have commited myself by publishing an initial schedule of the first four start up articles that I shall publish. Now all that remains ot be seen is whether I shall keep to my commitment.

I am pretty confident as I have always done what I say I will do and keeping my word is important to me. So why have i not written more before? Because I have shied away from committing without a real purpose to commit to. Now I feel I have a purpose I suspect this should be fairly straight forward. The only real question is when I will feel I have fulfilled the purpose and am so free to lapse. I am thinking that having written for a year would count as success. I am also thinking that having created enough to try and get a book published would do.

Are there any mroe likely end points?

Who knows, we shall see…
Rufus Evison

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