Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mission statements, company culture and automation of process

So far every blog article has gone out right on schedule.

Article one set a schedule for the month of June and we appear to be going to hit it dead centre.

Article two talked about how to stop a mission statement being the usual irrelevant rubbish and turn it into a useful tool to help align the beliefs of the company with the actions it takes. There is so much fuzzy meaningless stuff written on company culture that I was tempted to avoid the area all together. Instead I have written the bits that i have found to be actually useful over the many many startups i have been involved in and have actually managed to get incorporated into some of the ten to twenty where I have been involved in the execution.

Article three was all about the automation of process to save resources.

So what next? According to the schedule it will be something about the reletive merits of big and small companies. Watch this space…

Rufus Evison

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